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About Mickelsen Farms

We are a profitable, diversified family-owned operation that uses modern technology and environmentally friendly farming practices to produce high quality potatoes and wheat.  We focus on growing the best quality potatoes for our family-owned fresh pack shed, Rigby Produce, to bring value to our customers and our operation.   
Our Employees

We value our employees.  We feel that we have the best employees anywhere.  We recognize that as we work together as a team we can become more profitable, safe, efficient and progressive in our business.


We value life and limb.  We are working hard with our managers and employees to reduce and eliminate accidents.  Accidents are preventable and our goal in not even one!


Our vision is to have the ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change and to challenge ourselves to better our business.  We want to be recognized as a leader in the farming industry in Idaho by having the highest quality crops using the least cost input and by using good stewardship practices.

Environment & Sustainability

We love our children and grandchildren and we know you love yours.  We use only the best agricultural practices to control pests and diseases to our crops.  We know that farmers are the best environmentalists.  We recognize that if we aren't good stewards of the land we won't have land for our grandchildren to farm in the future.  We continually strive to find better ways to take care of our land and our resources.

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